Brain dead 4: the end

Brain dead 4: the end

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Frozen By Frozenemptyheart Completed

This is the final book in the brain dead series. 

Matt and Jake are separated, friends have been lost, and betrayals have been made. New characters and old will make their appearances.     
There will be zombies.       
There will be death.       
I cannot promise a happy ending.       
There isn't one.

(Cover by HecDaevis)

  • apocalypse
  • boyxboy
  • horror
  • zombies
Omg!!!I can't wait to find out... I thought she was dead😱
                               I want to scream but in in my mom's office and there is a really mad looking old man here.....halp
...Did anyone eles had a feeling deep down that she was still alive? No,... just me?...
____saiful ____saiful Jun 19, 2017
A writer would have described me like this,
                              "His chocolate orbs widened to the size of saucers."
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta May 02, 2017
                              ...but i still love you and this series so fckin much
Akira_Yuki_Natsudo Akira_Yuki_Natsudo Sep 30, 2017
Hahahahah So my guess is right? I knew it! Jake ran away so he didnt saw his sister.... y know eaten. Jake said his sister was eaten by his parents (Is that right? I dont remember) but it was not written.