Brain dead 4: the end

Brain dead 4: the end

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This is the final book in the brain dead series. 

Matt and Jake are separated, friends have been lost, and betrayals have been made. New characters and old will make their appearances.     
There will be zombies.       
There will be death.       
I cannot promise a happy ending.       
There isn't one.

(Cover by HecDaevis)

idk what I'm going to do w/ my life after this, like nothing means anything anymore. also what's with all the mar names? marcy, marcus, mari? even matt w/out the r?
wtffff noooooo whyyyy ;u; ik he stayed behind to help hold them off but how did he die? likr to the zombies or a bite? (i may have missed it at the end of book 3)
witek75 witek75 Jul 12
Only character I'm sorry for is grandpa Ed... .... ....*tyres to hold cry*.............. *breaks and cry like a baby*
I KNEW IT! There wasn't any confirmation that Marianne was dead so she had to be!!! Yes!
This sounds like the Percy Jackson series XD and Supernatural
Now that I know she survived that this definitely reminds me of me and my younger brother. I was going to say it in the first book but I thought she might of died and I wouldn't have let that happen.