A Monster's Mate

A Monster's Mate

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Natasha Mache By AngelWingzz Updated May 25, 2015

His hands guided their way to her hips, bringing her closer. He sucked lightly on her neck, causing shivers of pleasure to travel down her spine. "Mine." He hissed, pulling her legs around his hips. Before Amber could even blink, her shirt was off. He tossed her roughly onto the bed and looked down at her. "You are mine, Amber. Forever a monsters mate."


When Amber stumbles into the territory of Jaxson Radolf, it was almost certain she was a goner. Not once has anyone survived trespassing his land. He was cold and cruel, harsh and without mercy. His heart was so cold, it was thought that he could not have a mate. How could anyone love a monster like him?

But when Amber comes face to face with Jaxson, she was almost disgusted to find out that, in fact, she was his poor mate. Though no matter how much she wanted to, she could not deny her love for Jaxson. She would have to ignore him, go out of her way to never touch or give eye contact. But how was she supposed to do that, after he turns her in his one and only maid?

boo_harris boo_harris May 11, 2015
If her mom named her Amber but the wolf that killed her didn't know that how is her name still Amber? Wouldn't the witch just have named her something else?