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My Ex-Best Friend

My Ex-Best Friend

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Victoria By Just_For_Kicks Completed

"They say second chances are the best"

Alice Johnson and Lawrence Conway use to be best friends in middle school who did everything together, so how did they end up enemies? 

Well, summer break changes people and it happened to change Lawrence from a nice guy to a mister rebel playboy who enjoys making Alice's life hell at Springwood High School. 

But when Alice can't take it anymore she tells Lawrence she'll do anything if he'll stop ruining her life but she wasn't expecting him to ask her to be his girlfriend!

whitetiger23333 whitetiger23333 Dec 22, 2016
I had a baste friend we were as close as it could get she and I were all way to gather btw im not gay we were just baste friend and she changed be because of her bf and me and her have not talk to each other in almost a year😔 and ever since that I have not open up to anyone
shaniapurdy26 shaniapurdy26 Oct 24, 2016
In high school i had 5 periods. But im in college now and only have 5 periods Monday and Tuesday and 2 on a Thursday
ilovebleach69 ilovebleach69 Oct 23, 2016
Actually, 4 words "Be my girl(friend)" and it's than thank you very much. (It's a joke stop attacking me)
justmine_luver_143_ justmine_luver_143_ Nov 17, 2016
Does he think that turning to a jerk will get her to m
                              love him back, or...?
justmine_luver_143_ justmine_luver_143_ Nov 17, 2016
Wow, they get along so well...I haven't kissed my brother's cheek since he used to be cute😂
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