My Ex-Best Friend

My Ex-Best Friend

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Victoria By Just_For_Kicks Completed

"They say second chances are the best"

Alice Johnson and Lawrence Conway use to be best friends in middle school who did everything together, so how did they end up enemies? 

Well, summer break changes people and it happened to change Lawrence from a nice guy to a mister rebel playboy who enjoys making Alice's life hell at Springwood High School. 

But when Alice can't take it anymore she tells Lawrence she'll do anything if he'll stop ruining her life but she wasn't expecting him to ask her to be his girlfriend!

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I met my friend by walking up to her and saying 'hi you are my friend now.' And she replied, 'no you are my friend.' Then we both burst out laughing
karereine karereine Apr 01
Friends n boyfriend's should be the other way around but nice quote
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Jun 28
well ur too big of an asshôle to be me, so no need to tell me what'd u would do if u were me. k? k
iAm_Void iAm_Void Jun 08
Its true I'm only 13 and I've already had more friends like that then both my toes and fingers can count
kkkyles11 kkkyles11 Jun 28
actually friends stab u in the back cuz they betray u and boyfriends stab u in the heart cuz they break ur heart. to me, that sounds more accurate 😂
Maria66777 Maria66777 Jul 06
*me*: punches him in the face
                              And that's how you do it ladies and gentlemen