War of the Space Dragons (Watty Awards 2012)

17 Part Story 9.2K Reads 51 Votes
There Is No Nane By thedragongoddess Completed
The space dragons are coming home. No vampires rule this land, no wolves take claim to the Dragon's throne. In this collection of interlinked stories, these dragons are unbound by standard cliches. These dragons live among us, taking our forms, eating our food, breeding with our bloodlines...nobody knew their families dwelled in the stars, awaiting for a time to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. When cruelty and greed pulled the last straw, they attacked with technology superior to our own. 
    Ashuton Karrucci is having a bad day. He's the loveless god of dragons and can feel his children's pain. In a daft decision, he initiates a war with all of humanity and only a select few can calm his raging heart.
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