Corpses in the Night [ON HOLD]

Corpses in the Night [ON HOLD]

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WhispersConfusions By WhispersConfusions Updated Jan 28, 2018

The last Wednesday in August of 2016 starts out just like any other Wednesday or any other day. American citizens wake up in the morning and get around for work at the same time that other Americans are coming home from their graveyard shifts.

In a town in Georgia, Wednesday begins with a train accident. The possibility of many injuries and the sickness of most of the hospital's doctors causes a doctor to go in for a shift on a day she isn't scheduled to work.

In a town in Iowa, Wednesday ends with a public disturbance call, sending five police officers downtown to deal with the issue.

In a town in Georgia, Thursday begins with a family man coming home, his clothes soaked with the blood of something that used to be human.

In a town in Iowa, Thursday begins with a cop forced to shoot and kill two of his closest coworkers.

In the United States of America, Thursday begins with a media whirlwind of stories claiming the end of the world has begun with a zombie apocalypse.

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