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Simply put, a crescendo is a building of intensity. Jules Calhoun is ready to begin her crescendo; Theo Bryne has been trying to move on from his. When the two come together, will they find the perfect harmony, or will they drown in a clash of discordant notes? Take a peek inside to find out if the soundtrack to the journey on which these two embark ends with a blissful duet or a mournful requiem.

This dual perspective novel holds a story of rebellion, loss, love, and finding what truly makes you happy. I hope you'll join me on this next adventure!
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____BookWorm_ ____BookWorm_ Jun 27, 2018
I've never gone clubbing in all my twenty-something years...i feel like I'm missing out on something 😩
noramk noramk Jul 15, 2018
NO WAY! I don’t think I’ve ever read a story with someone having the same name as me! Whoooop, exciting!
littlelabbit littlelabbit Oct 04, 2018
The ever present voice in her head....its her only...shez jst referring to her other voice...
I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY. I LOVE finding a great read with an artistic writer. Definitely a good find!
MiasRaccoonFriend MiasRaccoonFriend Sep 24, 2018
I absolutely love the start of your story! I can’t wait to read all of it. I love the piano which makes reading this better!
TiffanyUy5 TiffanyUy5 Aug 27, 2018
I'm just on chapter 1 but I love it already. I can relate to Jules in so many aspects. It's like finding your book soulmate.