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My Barbarous Boss

My Barbarous Boss

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MissBhaVen69 By MissBhaVen69 Completed

"I'm not a very nice man" he says after a long break of silence.                                "I'm not a very nice woman" I says and he grins.                                                      "You're not as weak as my other assistants, you might actually last" he responds and I smile at him.                                             "I'm not someone you're gonna treat like shit, because if you think you're gonna do that, you've got another damn thing coming" I say and he just stares at me.                     "Ill treat you anyway I feel like, Nicole. If I want to yell at you I will, If I want to give you extra work just to piss you off I will" he says and he gets up from his desk and stands in front of me again. He pulls me up to meet his dangerous gaze, but I keep a confident stance as he stares at my body. He brushes my hair away from my breasts and reveals my cleavage.                                             "And if I want to bend you over my desk and fuck you until you can't walk, I will" he says and the way he stares at me, makes me nervous for what's to come....                           This is a story about an unconventional romance between an assistant and her boss. Will their relationship last through all the complications or crumble under pressure? There is lots of explicit sex scenes and just in general through the story, there's inappropriate language, I have now warned you and if you're not into anything I have mentioned than stop reading this now.

katlyn122 katlyn122 Sep 05, 2016
I love this book already and I've only read this part😂😂
RoxanneMontgomery RoxanneMontgomery Mar 13, 2016
I had a four way before llf two guys and a girl plus me. Shits fuckin awesome
im_a_nerd_yay im_a_nerd_yay May 08, 2016
This is going to be me for the rest of my life though I'm at the top of my class.  😭
TiffahLove TiffahLove May 04, 2016
WOW! Its just the first chapter..fresh air ain't enough holy water it is!
P4R4D0XK P4R4D0XK Jan 05, 2016
I'm honestly too jealous and selfish in sex to try a three some but maybe one day I'll be "mature" enough to allow it I guess