The Demon King

The Demon King

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Harry Potter has been the symbol of the light ever since the night Lord Voldemort was vanquished. Most would want to keep the savior safe, but when Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, decides to leave him at the doorstep of his aunt and uncle, the child goes through endless torment and abuse.

Any sane person would lose their mind at such a young age, especially if they had a piece of the 'Dark Lord' stuck in their head via horcrux. 

But what happens, when Harry Potter finds out the truth through his own means, and a little help from Death Personified, and finds a way to get everything he has ever wanted. 


[WARNING: Blood, gore, abuse, slash.]

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Ok but I absolutely adore when the first paragraph is gorgeous- then I just KNOW that the rest of the story is gonna be fantastic
Chelsie92 Chelsie92 Nov 23, 2017
out* (Sorry Author, I'm not being a grammar nazi I swear. I was just helping point out minor mistakes. Honestly, so far, one of the best written HP Fanfiction I've read thus far.)
Marloweadriane Marloweadriane Jul 11, 2017
pwede gawing taglish.. Maiiyak na sana ako eh kaso english... Di ako sanay magbasa ng english na drama
What does this even mean? 
                              "...he smell was enough to make a grown man scrunch up his nose." 
                              I get that it's supposed to smell bad, but this doesn't make any sense.
Cold, clammy, and crowded the people smell desperate we'll sink any minute still the weakest must fo
KristleLC KristleLC Oct 18, 2017
Another twist on the death and Harry trope... I'm always up for that 😊. Anyhow, thanks for making my first foray into WattPad fanfic enjoyable. - Lady_Khali from ff