Bad Dreams. [Larry Stylinson AU] {Completed}

Bad Dreams. [Larry Stylinson AU] {Completed}

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"No one knows?"


"No strings attached?"




Louis Tomlinson has been battling depression ever since his dad commit suicide. He doesn't have many friends and to make matters worse; he's gay.

That's when Harry shows up in Doncaster. He's rude, stubborn, and close minded. Harry immediately hates Louis.

Louis is the exact opposite of Harry, he's quiet, polite, broken, weak. But when there is only 2 homosexual lads in one town, you learn to accommodate. That's where it started; harmless fun. A quick shag now and then.

But when Harry is around Louis' depression disappears, his nightmares of his dad are gone too.

Can hate really change into love?

****WARNING: some of the chapters are private so you must be following me to read them. (the smut chapters)

{also first time writing full on smut}

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