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The Last Night

The Last Night

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Hayley Williams... what do you think? Gawd Stalker! By Jade4568 Updated Oct 11, 2010

Suicide. The action is what many pursue after a horrible incident or time in their life. The ones who can't handle it anymore. The ones who lack faith. Faith that something better may happen in there lifetime, healing wounds and helping them get over pain. What would have life been like if 17 year old Lexi Karter had commit suicide? Would she be where she is today? Although she thinks no one cares, truth is, if she left, she would leave behind a broken hearted older brother, two grieving best friends and she would never change the lives she has. Most importantly, the life of a special someone. But even alive, can Lexi's past allow her to live? Or will the pressure be too much?

Explode Explode Sep 22, 2010
I actually really like this story!! I love it when the next chapter is already uploaded dont have to wait! Awesome!
solelyme solelyme Aug 17, 2010
hahaha I love this! lol I would be so freaked out if that happened! hahahaha! love it!
MissSega MissSega Jul 09, 2010
Players, i can never seem to stand them, but that just me :P. Keep going i L.O.V.E it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eclipse3318 Eclipse3318 Jul 02, 2010
wowwww that was a weird dream and now its like it's in reality!! and haha mark got embarrased!! how cute!! :D
Eclipse3318 Eclipse3318 Jul 02, 2010
ooooo that's veryy interesting!! He does sound like a real player :p and that's horrible about her mom!! :'O I'm just happy she has two best or TRUE friends and an awesome brother!! :D
BambiFraser BambiFraser Jun 04, 2010
@iluvmanga @nod5687  I think it was that her Mom died. But they mentioned and incident. Indicating something happened to Lexi. Also, there has been no mention of a father so far. Maybe there was a problem there as well. Violent or Innapropriate father.
                              Hope i helped ;D
                              -Bambibabe x