His Only Hope • Book 1 of the Chronicles of Darkness•

His Only Hope • Book 1 of the Chronicles of Darkness•

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Sierra_Laufeyson By Sierra_Laufeyson Completed

~This is a battle you can't win, for you there's no such victory. One day you'll pay for all your sins, unless you beg for mercy.~

Breaking the God of Mischief out of his prison cell may have not been the smartest idea, but Eira Taylor is convinced that there is still good inside of Loki, even if it is just a sliver. She's just as stubborn as he is and being raised by a Stark surely doesn't help, her hotheaded personality is reflected in her ability to wield fire. But the question remains, what will happen when fire meets ice? 

The Chronicles of Darkness is now complete. Be sure to check out the Book Two titled "Bring Me Back," and Book Three "Don't Let Me Go!"

MistyB1989 MistyB1989 Sep 23, 2016
Absolutely fabulously written draws you in straight away! 😍
Oracle_Of_Tenebrae Oracle_Of_Tenebrae Nov 01, 2016
This is good so far! Can't wait to see more interaction with Loki! :D
1616lotr 1616lotr Jan 09
The author has at least minimal knowlege of Middle-Earth?
                              I dont care who gets in mt way. I WILL VOTE EVERY CHAPTER OF THIS STORY
thenutmeger thenutmeger Oct 14, 2015
I don't normally delve into fanfiction, but I have a strange sort of respect and love for Loki, so I felt compelled to add this to my library. Like it a lot so far.
AlexSheri AlexSheri Feb 13, 2015
Normal haha I don't think any of us would be considered it, and I laugh it agreeing but does anyone out there hate the word, all it does is hurt me
Capta1nLevi Capta1nLevi Feb 12, 2015
Yes Im not the only one who thinks that Thor is teddy bear like