Rise of the Vengeful Dragon [Featured | Fantasy/Adventure | Wattys2014 WINNER]

Rise of the Vengeful Dragon [Featured | Fantasy/Adventure | Wattys2014 WINNER]

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Kat Hollister By KatrinHollister Completed

When dragons start to fight amongst themselves after millennia of peace, one bloody battle leaves young Aerith's dragon dead and her the sole survivor of her family. Her only hope of restoring balance is reviving the fallen Gisella, but with human civilisation collapsing and continuing bloodshed, she may be too late.

Winner of the Wattys 2014. Winner of the "Junior Award" as Second Place in The Write Awards 2014.

Previously called "Essence of Gisella". Cover made by Imogen_Isles. Image by Sandara.

Wonderful first chapter. I l9ve dragons. The very beginning was so enchanting. And the death of the dragon Giselle was so heart breaking. I will definitely keep voting as i read on ^_^
Eonarc Eonarc Oct 17
I love how everyone has these unique and wicked names and then there's Jason
kcskishore kcskishore May 04
What does this LATTER refer to . The blue or the purple  dragon.
deadunitato deadunitato Jan 02
I really like this chapter. 🍉 d( ̄  ̄) Definitely check this out.
kvmara kvmara Dec 15, 2015
This was intense omg.  But it was really good! Definitely reading this!
oyFran oyFran Nov 15, 2015
This was really hearthbreaking...even if i am only on a small portion of the story