Love Hurts

Love Hurts

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Diamond By Mar_Shay Completed

Diamond La'Nae Perez is sweet and loving until you get on her bad side. Nobody really understood her emotions and how she expressed herself but her big sister Ahalieia and Cameron . Diamond don't really care about dating boys because of the things that happened in her pass relationships such as cheating and lying.

She thinks its hard to find a guy who cares about her that's what she tells everyone who asks her if she is gonna date someone all she says is "Love is to painful for me to get caught up in . . . again"

Shayla Summer Slanders
- Diamond's bestfriend.

Ahalieia Marie Perez
- Diamond's Sister

Cameron Lamar Williams 
- Ahalieia's Boyfriend 

Jaedyn Kale Miller
- Diamond Friend . Big crush on Diamond

Anthony Zae Miller
- Diamond Ex-boyfriend 

Alex Marie Baker
- Diamond's close friend

Messiah Dashon Slanders
- Shayla older brother

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  • fantasy
  • horror
  • humor
  • sexualcontent
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