Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes?

Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes?

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Alex walkers life takes a huge turn when she walks into a Starbucks she doesn't fangirl over pumpkin spice latte it's far deeper than that.

Cain Hunt takes over his father's business and is looking for someone to help him murder the man who killed his dad, no one will expect a casual girl do the job.

Problem is does the tough , Badass green eyed hottie fall for the sarcastic, careless cute brunette? Who knows? (Haha I do)

  • alex
  • cain
  • coffee
  • deal
  • love
  • revenge
  • romance
mandaalyseg mandaalyseg May 26
I just imagined her slamming her head against the dash board 😂
XxPandasteinxX XxPandasteinxX 6 days ago
Me: *takes gun from robber*
                              Me: Let me just make this easier for you *shoots self*
guys i want a i could get used to a view like this, yep. im used to it...Oh. 
                              hay fever?
                              -Flynn Rider<3
Damn that a bit harsh you think just cuz ur no wonder ur husband left u
                              (Bdbdbd the only reason I watch it is coz Flynn RYDER is sexxyyy
excuji_mee excuji_mee Apr 29, 2016
Fylnn Ryder or Eugene ..... Something .... Can' t spell it ...... fitzherbert ...... i think