Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes?

Kidnapped by Mr Pretty Eyes?

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Alex walkers life takes a huge turn when she walks into a Starbucks she doesn't fangirl over pumpkin spice latte it's far deeper than that.

Cain Hunt takes over his father's business and is looking for someone to help him murder the man who killed his dad, no one will expect a casual girl do the job.

Problem is does the tough , Badass green eyed hottie fall for the sarcastic, careless cute brunette? Who knows? (Haha I do)

is she okay? she needs to get checked out does she know what it means to kill someone or nah?
Hell to the no. If any of you guys have read Throne Of Glass you'll get me.
Omg I'm laughing so hard and it's late so I look like a dieing seal XD
I read it aloud and it made sense 
                              "Do you like sugar, Caine?"
Ew what if you had to 'seal a deal' with a mafia gang leader?! 
                              Orwith Raymond? (From My Sexy Kidnapper -awesome book, first wattpad book I ever read-only)
Roses are red,
                              I am very tickley,
                              And I must say,
                              That escalated quickly.
                              (YA THAT'S RIGHT I MADE MY OWN POEM!)
                              Roses are read,
                              You look like the undead,
                              I cant lie, 
                              I enjoyed what that scene said ;)
                              (BOOM TWO IN ONE FOR ORIGINALITY!!!)