The Clifford twins. *COMPLETED*

The Clifford twins. *COMPLETED*

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Autumn Clifford is Michael Clifford's younger twin by 5 minutes. Michael and Autumn are as close as close could be. Michael has always been protective over Autumn and has been worried when she starts dating. Even though 5 minutes is a short time, Michael sees Autumn as a baby. Michael has always watched his sister closely. This story tells you the tales of the Clifford twins and how they grew up. 

So what happens when he joins a band?

What happen when his band goes on tour?

What happens when Autumn fall in loves with a dangerous, evil, cheating heart breaker?

Would Michael still see his sister as sweet and innocent when she's doing things to impress a bad boy?

and What happens when a member of the band falls hopelessly in love with Autumn?

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