i love uncle henry

i love uncle henry

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iamthedryad By iamthedryad Updated Jan 14, 2013

 i love uncle henry: a romance novel

 chapter 1: the visit is planned (short chapter: edited)

characters (to clarify)

Violet: our protagonist

Lila: Violet's mum

Tom: Violet's dad

Henry: Violet's uncle

George: Violet's older brother

               I love uncle henry

            Mum and Dad have finally managed to get that news reporting job in Rwanda that they've been asking for, for years. Yet conveniently, it just so happens to be assigned to them at the start of summer vacation. I was promised that we'd go back home to England at old house, but apparently not.

            "MUM!" I shout, "You can't just...leave! Where am I supposed to go?!" I storm into the kitchen furiously.

            "We really can't afford tickets to England for you now, darling" Mum says apologetically, stirring a large steel pot on the stove, "But we've got Auntie Julia-"

            "I hate her, Mum. She hates me. We've went over this before!" I groan and look hopefully to Dad, who's drinking te...

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Dolan_Twins_Fan_Fic Dolan_Twins_Fan_Fic Nov 01, 2017
She acts like she's never tried an American accent before and failed miserably😂
bookworm_4-6 bookworm_4-6 Nov 23, 2016
Umm bloke is used but a lot of people and my friends are American and say telly
lissamck lissamck Aug 13, 2015
you English people and your weird words. sure I know what they all mean but they sound weird. telly??? bloke??? chap??? try TV, strange man, and friend or buddy even. not that I don't love the British but your words barely make sense
PrincessBobbles PrincessBobbles Mar 22, 2012
Lmao, Your very much welcomed. Please carry on with this story, so far... Its awesome!!
iamthedryad iamthedryad Mar 22, 2012
@bbella98: OHMYGOSH NEVERMIND! I'm SO sorry, I previously had George be the grandpa's name, but I changed it to the brother's. and tom is the dad! AHHH SO SORRY!
reallybom reallybom Mar 22, 2012
@iamthedryad George is the father.....I'm soooo confused then who is Tom?