Bound Together (editing)

Bound Together (editing)

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Alexandria Simmons has never been noticed at her high school, Hartwell High. With only having two best friends, she's actually pretty ok with not having anyone bother her for always having a book in her hand, or for keeping to herself. It's actually pretty surprising that no one had the guts to talk trash about her behind her back, or to laugh at how different she is from the rest of the girls in their student body, well maybe that was because of her older brother; by 1 year, Cameron Simmons, who was sort of like the Troy Bolton of their school, and if you ever got on his bad side, well that would definitely suck for you.    Alex had an average life, it was as if she was riding one of those slow kiddy rides at an amusement park, that you were forced to go on by your younger siblings or relatives. Her life was simply too boring, plain, simple, so bland.  

That was until Mr. Jayce Reynolds stepped into the picture.

Jayce Reynolds, who was sort of like a younger cockier version of Cameron. Everyone expected him to take over the football team once Cam graduated. Being only a junior, and being one of the best football players in that school was something everyone idolized him for. He was expected to become a football player by his classmates, or to take over some big corporate company by his dad. Speaking of his dad, his family was probably the most dysfunctional yet peculiar group of people that ever stepped on this earth. Aside from that, having the "perfect" girlfriend and being a part of the "popular" crowd had its perks, but Jayce thought otherwise.

He wasn't the perfect person everyone portrayed him to be, and Alex is the person who figures that out.

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