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#6 in spiritual (11/10/2017)

Asad Shaik being one of the most successful business man. He had everything, on which he lays his eyes on. Just name it, and it's already infront of him. Except for her! The girl he loved with all his being! Ayat jahan., but she was out of his league. Or so he thought. He do whatever to reach her.

But Asad had a bad habit of getting what he wants. He already labelled her as his. So now its impossible for Ayat to escape from his obsession.

Ayat is an orphan, she lives with her aunt and her cousin Adeel, after her parents died when she was in her high school, or so she thought! From that day Ayat's aunt Ruqayya and cousin Adeel look after her.

He loved her, as long as he  remember. She was the only one always for him. He can't even think of anyone else other than Ayat. 

When he thought that he finally able to have her in his life. Fate played its game and separate them.

He will do whatever, it takes for him to get her back in his life. 

But is it that simple, when she can't even remember him.

Can he make her realise, and help her gain her memories back or will his doings cause her to lost it for forever. 

What will happen.

Will Asad finally have his happiness back with Ayat?

What will he do to get her back in his life?

When Asad marries her against her will...

Will she able to survive with his possessiveness....

Will she break down...or she built strong and tries to change him...

Come and read Asad and Ayat., sweet sour love.


COVER BY : @nagapriya
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