Lucky You

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Juliane By Jullal91 Updated 3 years ago
Emma is starting off her first year at UCLA. She's at a new school with new people, and sadly shes broke. But her aunt lives close and there's a coffee shop where she can work for some cash. But living in LA is not cheap, and she has to find other ways to earn money as well.
    Joe walks into her life. He's irresistible, hot, and wanted by everyone. She ends up falling head over heels for him. But what do you do when you love someone you can't have?
Aww, is this the start of a beautiful relationship? I don't think so, but you can always hope :)
Hope Blake is actually nice, bacouse Dena sounds like a bitch!
                                    I think its' better (: The spacing made the story easier to read by a lot and I found this to be extremely entertaing! I'm going to read more later (:
I liked it but it does need some editing.. I have a friend who is a really good editor if you wanna PM me(: 
                                    And try spacing it like a lot of other stories do, where who evers talking get's there own line. It makes the story easier to read.
@Jullal91  i saw u fixed it cuz im on ch5 now. better :) Will the story be really LAish in the future? like they hang out in the west hollywood hot spots or whatever. haha idk it makes sense.
hey i just started to read your story, because i like LA, can you leave more spaces between the lines in the future, like make it easy to read?