Rot & Romance

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Jamel T. Wilkins By JamelTWilkins Updated 2 days ago
Benjamin Crawford is dead. Or, rather, he is undead. Born from an ancient dark witchcraft that turns humans into immortal beings known as dead walkers, he lives in hiding in the small town of Sancova, Oregon, trying to fight the darkest element of being a dead walker -- the desire for human flesh.  Lainey Sullivan is an average seventeen-year-old girl living with her borderline abusive mother in the small town of Sancova, Oregon, where gruesome and mysterious murders -- including one of her best friends -- has been happening lately. Her whole life changes when she meets Benjamin Crawford as she discovers mysticism, adventure and maybe even romance.
From the beginning it grabbed my interest. I am excited to read further. I love stories that do that. Plus it sounds like a great story!
Mind taking the time to read some of my stories? I'm new here and really want to know if I'm okay at writing. Please, anyone.
I have just discovered your book. It is well written, and darkly dramatic.  I have added it to my Library.
This amazing! And I'm only on the first chapter. A really good read and very well written! I'm completely hooked! Looking forward to reading more of this! :D Cheers. Snaps and pats.
I love this so far!  I've read it all in the matter of ten short hours!!
HOOKED by the summary and the story was even BETTER!!! voted!