I Learned Your Pulse

I Learned Your Pulse

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Hogwarts is a welcoming place when you've never seen it littered with corpses; when you've never seen the lights fading from a person's eyes, when you've never heard the screams that echoed through the air. Of course, very few of the people there haven't seen it like that. Nightmares wreak havoc among Draco and Hermione, and they're tired of trying to fight the memories off. Couple that with the Triwizard Tournament and you've got a really tiring year ahead of you.

The Goblet of Fire, however, has been slightly broken since Harry won the last tournament. And so, with each school in the Great Hall when names are to be chosen, it conjures up the names of two people who did put their names in and the image of one who didn't. And Hermione is that one.

From lethifolds to a trip into the Forbidden Forest, the Tournament creates new relationships and rips apart old ones. Nobody feels safe. And with good reason; what lurks in the Forbidden Forest is something that could cause the fall of the wizarding world as we know it.

"Stop stop stop, you're going to take someone eye out! Besides, you're saying it wrong, its..."
George doesn't sounds too right causing mayhem on his own... :(
Alisa76549 Alisa76549 Oct 15, 2016
nikki3512 nikki3512 Jul 14, 2016
In my opinion, he's not saying he still wishes harry had died. He's just saying that during the war, he HAD wished harry had died. Also in my opinion, this is showing that he's changed some. He didn't insult hermione like he used to would have in the past b
pinkcrowns_ pinkcrowns_ Jun 16, 2016
it's the first chapter amd my heart is already doing backflips
AlwaysTrueToYou AlwaysTrueToYou Jan 01, 2015
I'm not impressed. I'm more of shock and disbelief. Did The Draco Malfoy just opened his heart up?