Rejecting The Alpha

Rejecting The Alpha

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Ericka_Washington By Ericka_Washington Updated Jul 06, 2015

I smelled this sweet Strawberry And Woody smell . Oh Crap ! Im smelling my mate ! No this could not be happening . I was weak so my wolf took control and decided to follow the scent. Knowing I had no idea where I was going , i just followed. I stopped infront of a class That Read ' Detention ' . Crap , Not one of those Uneducated, always in trouble Mates! Definetely rejecting this one. 

Meet Ally Brooks, She is 17 Years old . She just moved into town with her sister after her pack got attacked by rouges. Everyone died , Including the rouges. Ally Has Long Chocolate Brown hair with blonde tips. brown eyes and extremely fair skin . Seems as if she perfect , Right ? She sees herself as otherwise . Ally doesn't believe in having mates. So , When she turned 16 she vowed that when she found her mate she would reject him , and find her own love . What happens when her vow doesn't work out? 

Meet Ken Lucas , school's bad boy, manwhore and a jerk ! Slept with as many girls as you could count. He has Chestnut brown hair and Blue eyes, And Extremely toned 8 pack and Biceps . How will Ken React when Ally rejects Him? Will he go crazy or find a way to get back at Ally , To have her on her knee's begging? 

Find Out by reading.!

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