Because of You | Sequel to Why Me? | Jason Mccann |

Because of You | Sequel to Why Me? | Jason Mccann |

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Callie By biebernlovatoXP Updated Mar 21

"How bout you suck my imaginary d*ck you god damn cuntbag!" I got three kicks and 2 punches. I wasn't stopping. "That all you got!" Three punches. "I hate you! You're the reason for my suffering! You're the reason I can't be with my friends or dad! You're the reason I can't have a proper boyfriend! It's all Because of You! I hate you!" And I meant every word at the time. 

Everything was fine, Nicole returned to her normal life and everything was eventually forgotten, but when Jason Mccan, the guy who ruined her life for a second time, is back.. What happens? Now he's Back. To take back the one most important thing to him, the thing he claimed as his years ago. He's back for her and he is taking her back whether she wants it to happen or not. This time though, she's not so single. With a pop star boyfriend, a bodyguard around 24/7, and fighting lessons, how will he do what he did years back? Find out in..... Because of You.

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BiebersBiitch94 BiebersBiitch94 Oct 10, 2017
Wait.. Justin? (From that vid "I took my shirt off in hong kong, ask me why, i dont know why")
NadineTyrrell837 NadineTyrrell837 Feb 11, 2016
She's with the famous Justin Bieber wowwwwwww I'd love to be her
bizzlesexybody bizzlesexybody Jun 22, 2015
Tbh I don't ship her with Justin. I want her to be with Jasonnn