Real Love With A Thug (Completed) Book 1 *Editing*

Real Love With A Thug (Completed) Book 1 *Editing*

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YourFavoriteAuthor By Ayeits_Moe Completed

Hakeem Wright a 22 year old thug that live in Atlanta Georgia .Hakeem is the leader of The FM Mafia, and his motto is "Fuck bitches get money & A thug cant be tied down". He aint looking for love even though he has a  girlfriend named Peaches.

Jasmine a 21 year old classy but ghetto girl that works as a Doctor. She yearns for love, but can never find the right guy. she has a bad reputation for relationships.

When these two come together will it be love or lust, drama, love or Something bigger than it all ?

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*Has a lot of errors such as spelling because I wrote this book when I was young and tbh to lazy to go back and fix it so you've been warned xoxo Moe*

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KellyRenee8 KellyRenee8 Apr 24, 2017
A 21 yr old doctor...mind you most people get out of undergrad between 21-23 years old and then years of med school, like ad many as undergrad, residency, specialty...etc.  Unless shes a Doogie Howser she isnt a 21yr old ghetto girl doctor but im gonna read sure the story is cute
Miss_Mari Miss_Mari Jul 14, 2016
🎶He like to call me peaches when we get this nasty🎶 😂😂😂
diamond_dazee diamond_dazee Jun 22, 2016
Dead sound like a Thot name...I'm weakkk😭😭😭😭😭
vixtor vixtor May 17, 2015
ooohhh nooo I never did trust a girl name peaches after I met one. everytime she came over she wore booty shorts I'm like is that all yo Azz own. lol