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The Villain and the Victim

The Villain and the Victim

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Mel Bell By xomelbellxo Updated Jul 09, 2011

Brianna is one of the most popular girls in school. She and her partner in crime, Tiffany, hate on all the losers, freaks, nerds, and ugly people at East Grove High School and make it their job to make their lives hell. In the middle of sophomore year, a new new kid arrives: Zach. Zach is the true definition of emo: long, straight, black hair, pale skin, black eyeliner, black clothes, cuts on his wrists, super skinny, and an interest in music where people scream. He is the perfect victim for Brianna and Tiffany, but after getting to really know Zach, Brianna starts to form different feelings for the guy she had made life a living hell for.

xowritergirl14xo xowritergirl14xo Jul 07, 2011
score! marked as offensive...that hasn't happened to me since...? OH YEAH! SINCE NOT SO UNWILLING! 
xowritergirl14xo xowritergirl14xo Jul 07, 2011
                              WHY ARE YOU SO EFFING TALENTED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
DeeMarie05 DeeMarie05 Feb 07, 2011
@xomelbellxo yes ma'am life sucks a whole bunch sometimes but it has it's good moments too. I will definitely message you if I get too down. Thank you and  happy writing hun! <3
DeeMarie05 DeeMarie05 Feb 06, 2011
If you need any help with the cutting and stuff let me know. Been there and done that because of life, my dad and guy issues sooo... Yah. 
                              Anyways I'm glad you uploaded this! This is gonna be a great story! 
xowritergirl14xo xowritergirl14xo Feb 02, 2011
I like the idea a lot Mel Bell! It's one of those you fall in love with the wrong person sort of stories! But, I know, as usual, you will use your wit and charm and phenomenal writing abilities to turn this story into one of my fav's on wattpad!
                              Thanks for the dedication babe<3
that_muse_zara that_muse_zara Feb 02, 2011
lyk the idea
                              hope this storie's gonna becum 1 of my faves x
                              can't w8t 2 read it
                              upload soon!