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lind91 By lind91 Updated Mar 22, 2014

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I shifted position uncomfortably, the relentless beeping of the machine next to me once again bringing me into reluctant wakefulness. The beeping continued on amidst the heavy silence of the room, the only sound I had come to rely on.

Given its steadiness, it was hard to believe I was dying.


Diagnosed with a terminal illness two years ago when she was nineteen, Lucy Russell had long-since realized that her time in life was dwindling.

Imagine her surprise when two ridiculously handsome strangers showed up in her hospital room, claiming to have a miracle “cure.” The only catch? She would have to work for them, whatever that entailed.

Lucy would never have believed that there were creatures in this world beyond human comprehension. She would never have thought that myths could be based off of truth. 

She would never have guessed that they would want her to join them, and she would never have anticipated that, if she joined their ranks, she would have a newfound purpose in life: to save humanity. 

And Lucy certainly would never have expected to actually discover some semblance of a love life.

But first?

They had to bury her.

  • action
  • horror
  • love
  • paranormal
  • romance
username_taken3 username_taken3 Jul 16, 2016
Wait is this book still being updated??? I hate reading books that never get finished I always think about😂
TrueTulip TrueTulip Mar 14, 2016
I hope this book is updated before I'm dead and buried. I have been waiting for Years (notice the plural). It seems a shame that such an invigorating and original book would fizzle away. I will keep waiting.
- - Dec 19, 2014
If you go to her profile it says that she's going to wait until summer to update anymore, because she wants it to be perfect for us! It really is an amazing read so far, and I have hopes for it to get better :)
DivaDeviI DivaDeviI Nov 07, 2014
Guys! Don't read!!! She has been inactive for 8 months. It looks like she is not coming back! Save ur self the pain of not knowing what will happen next. It's killing me... So don't read!
sarahrreading sarahrreading Aug 19, 2014
Reading this again because I love this too much! I seriously can't wait for your update <3
book_lover415 book_lover415 Jul 15, 2014
let me take a selfie. I don't know I said that I hate that song. its annoying.