Hidden in the Castle

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Shelby By shelbylw03 Completed
After a childhood filled with ease, it was finally time for William to become who he was meant to be, who everyone expected him to be.  He was ready, ready to learn what he should have as a child.  There was only one problem.  Someone did not want him to be the next king, and that person would do anything to keep him from gaining power, no matter who got in their way.
    (Cover by Platypus1987)
i dont really like this story. i dont like the storyline, nothing much happened between William and Anna but they confessed their love as if they have gone through big obstacle/hardship. nothing is interesting in both characters in this novel.
I love your stories! Just a heads up but it's "sow" wild oats not "soil"
I have been following your stories and I love them very much.  Can't wait for your next update.....Incidentally what happen to "Unknow Guardian" which is on hold? Very interesting too!
                                    thanks for uploading this story.  I enjoyed reading it
ONCE UPON A TIME IS AMAZING AND IM HEARING DISTINCT OVERTONES FROM EP 1.06 THE SHEPHERD!!!!!!! That episode was amazing....when David is in the school trying to convince Mary Margret to come with him and he says "if you choose this, choose us..." and smiles.....I GET TINGLES!!!!!!
Once upon a time one of my favorite shows and this book is great