My nerd girl(DISCONTINUED)

My nerd girl(DISCONTINUED)

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Sleeping till noon😴 By IDGAF_Queen Updated Sep 08, 2018

I bully her to get her attention. I make the person who ask her out life miserable. It hurts that I have to hurt her. She's the only reason I come to school. I have to keep this up or my reputation will be ruined. I isabella jackson the most popular, gourgous, wealthy has a crush on the cutest nerd in school.

Meet Isabella Jackson the ice queen and queen bee of Lakers Highschool, she's wealthy and hot . She has everything a girl can dream of, but she has a secret she's inlove with the cute nerd girl.

Meet Amilia James the cute nerd girl, she's one of the richest kids in the world but nobody in her school knows that except her best friend John. she's a full blown lesbian but she has a crush on her bully.

What will happen if the both got paired with each other for a history project due in one month'

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