An everyday trip to work takes a romantic twist when Susan strikes up a conversation with a mysterious man. But is he everything she has hoped for or is there more behind those glasses?
The humor in the way they converse, they banter, is priceless. Like a real, witty, conversation. Ha! Great.
Fantastic!! I wish it was longer though. It could easily be a longer story with more exciting details, but I like where it stops :) It's beautiful
Great short story. As a frequent subway commuter, I really appreciated the details!
Oh my. Such a beautiful rendition of how fate and future collide through little patterns created by light reflected by the crystals.
Incredibly thought-provoking short story. It's exactly how I think some days . . . You know, w the what if's. . . In general. Not in a pessimistic nor depressing way :)
Interesting start so far, I'm curious to see what Mark plans on doing. Nice dialogue between Susan and Mark. The way mark spoke, he sounded so old haha. Almost like an old soul, like someone who has seen and lived it all. Nice :)