Girl by Blake Nelson

Girl by Blake Nelson

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Blake Nelson's cult favorite novel GIRL captures the moment when everything changes for one girl when her first love, first time, and first step outside of her comfort zone happen all at once.

Meet Andrea Marr: straight-A high school student, thrift-store addict, and princess of the downtown music scene. In the midst of the 90's, where the music scene was experiencing the deep impact of the grunge movement, Andrea's passion for music merges together with first love to lead her down a unique, yet universally relatable coming-of-age road.

  • 90s
  • coming-of-age
  • contemporary
  • grunge
  • love
  • music
  • realistic
  • teenfiction
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I'm actually a really slow talker, and I struggle to get my thoughts out onto paper. A lot of my family complains that I overexplain and/or take a while to finish getting a thought out. So I guess I'm not the average teen girl when it comes to talking. 😂😂😂😂
I talk very fast. I relate. People don't usually understand what I'm saying 😂
You're so talented, I appreciate you trying to reach an understanding of another point of view as an author
This it will be the first book that I am going to read in English of wattpad. It's to reinforce my English.
Honestly, that's me.
                              It's hard when you, like, have to try to, you know, avoid it in, like, interviews and things, you know?
                              (I actually do this sometimes but typing that out made me cringe so badly)