Deal Or No Deal (Vanoss X Reader) [Have New Chapter]

Deal Or No Deal (Vanoss X Reader) [Have New Chapter]

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CreepyBunny1999 By Creepy_Bunny1999 Updated Nov 17

You are a girl, not just any girl, a bad girl. You are 17 in high school, you had it all, you had a gang, kids fear you, even the teachers didn't want to mess with you. You loved it, you are a bad kid but that doesn't mean you have bad parents. 

You where an adopted child, you never really seen your real parents, you were adopted by two men and of course, they fell in love with you the second they saw you, you didn't understand why you have two dads, but you didn't care, because you get to leave your new home.

Your "dad" was a businessman and your "mom" was a designer for man clothes. You never like that kids pick on you because you had two dads, but you know that's not true, you have a mom and a dad.

You had it all, kids that respect you, teachers that where a fear of you, a gang that think of you as a sister and a leader, parents that love you with all their heart, yup you had it all, but that change when your dad toke a big job in a new city, that means, new job, new house, new school.

Yup you did had it all, you didn't understand why your dad toke the job, but you don't mind starting all over again, this time more with fear you. 

What you didn't expect that your new school already had a gang, but you didn't want to join, you want to make your own gang, you will not go down without a fight. The gang had a name called "Vanoss crew" of course the leader is Vanoss.

You don't like him, he had everything that you want, you want to beat the shit out of him and he felt the same to you as well.

(Ps this story is having a new chapter)

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I'm scared cause that looks like a younger version of my dad
Wait is my mother and father GAY?! Welp they born a bi girl so :/
Discord247 Discord247 May 19
No need to be sorry, a lot of people use bad words these days XD
When you poke a hole in your brothers condom and my dad got pregnant face.
Erza_Scarrr Erza_Scarrr Mar 10
I want a gay parents and I think it is about to happen real soon