Terrorize [Zayn Malik AU]

Terrorize [Zayn Malik AU]

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nicole 爱 By everlasts Updated May 26, 2016

"Why me?"   
    "What are you talking about?"    
"Out of everyone, all the girls, why do you choose to terrorize me?"    
    "Because it's fun, I like toying with you and only you."                                                                                                                                                                      

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[warning: when I first began this story it started off extremely amateurish, please don't give up on it though. my writing has been improving chapter by chapter; give us a chance.]


    artistic__ artistic__ Jun 22
    all of these zayn girls love their literature like literally they all seem to major in english 😂😂
    I'm in between. I love talking about guys and fashion trends and everything like that but I also love talking about literature and school related things.
    if he wears it dark he better make it fart lmao how'd i just think of this. next cupcakke? 😂😂
    - - Sep 02, 2016
    Sounds like a horror movie: “give us a chance” and tons of people say it all at the same time,like a robot movie of some sort about future helping bots lol idk.😂
    cockysalad cockysalad Jan 07
    damn im going to need to stop throwing away my shitty writings
    i imagined her hair like a dirty blonde colour... but bright blue???