Taming Ms. Tomboy

Taming Ms. Tomboy

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*although the book is finished, you can still send covers and I will put it in the book and give you credit, and it might be the main cover for this book (:*

Read Important:

The first six chapters are unedited. I will edit them when I'm done with the book. If you somehow make it past the first chapters and you enjoy my writing in the last chapters, I do have two other books (Bad Boy Can't Kiss and Awkward Talks) those do start off  in the right foot. 

And surprisingly many people were able to pass through the first chapters and continue reading it and actually enjoyed it. I do have some other notes down there, but as long as you read this it's fine to skip those. :D

(If you get brain damage due to the first chapters I find no responsibility.



Update: I am rewriting this story.

This one will be kept as it is so I could see how I used to write and I will know what to and not to do.

And the rewritten one will be much different from this one. 

That one will be called...

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  • badboy
  • boy
  • dangerous
  • darkpast
  • fiction
  • fight
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