Taming Ms. Tomboy

Taming Ms. Tomboy

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Have you ever heard of the bad boy and the good girl? 

Yeah well this isn't those types of stories. 

 Kevin Falls has never lost a fight and when he looses one to a Joey Hail Night, a very known tomboy. He has only one thing in mind:

He is going to tame Ms. Tomboy.


This book is complete, but will be going through editing.

Best Romance: #18

melania6926 melania6926 Nov 15
Everyone here correcting the autor and I'm here thinking about Exo CHOGIWAAAAAAAA
In my school it's impossible to walk past the boys bathroom with the door open.
JanaAzmi JanaAzmi Aug 30
It's the exact description of me except the girls being afraid of me part
I'm pretty much all of d things there....but still I'm a girl. And I OWN IT YA PUNKS.
Why is it that every male book character  is either cocky or needs a book about girls. We're not that difficult..... Are we?
cailynn1502 cailynn1502 Sep 23
Shot brah I would rather lumb with my guy friends than anything else