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Loving Jasmine

Loving Jasmine

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Justice By luvjus Completed

The bell rang just as I got to my locker. Late yet again. I grabbed my Physics book and went back to the office to sign in, knowing my mean teacher wouldn't do it for me. I waited patiently in line with the rest of the 20 students late and finally made it to the front.

"Ah, Ms. Campell, not a shocker" I rolled my eyes at the detention teacher.

"Yeah I know, just give me my pass so I can go" He handed me the note and I walked away heading to class. I climbed up the 2 flights of stairs and was out of breath, lord knows I hate doing this every other day. I walked into the classroom and gave the teacher my note.

"Find a seat and take out your notebook" Mr. Rean said writing on the white board. I sighed and sat next to Tyrek, this boy I used to have a crush on but quickly vanished since most of school did as well. Besides that, he had a girlfriend and I felt like he would never go for somebody of my size.

"Hey sis, you aiight?" He asked as I sat down.

"Yeah, just a rough morning that's...

DontEvenAtMe_ DontEvenAtMe_ Aug 10, 2016
That's random I don't recall saying I wanna to ride your dick was being nice to yo lame asś if you didn't have a dick in your asś then you would realize you at all that actually you ain't shít at all but ok boo let me go in this kitchen to make me something to eat..
princesskay_713 princesskay_713 Dec 17, 2015
Bruh......if you don't go sit you rise over run head ahhh down.
princesskay_713 princesskay_713 Dec 17, 2015
I feel you Maw. My friends always tryna be encouraging and iish.