Loving Jasmine

Loving Jasmine

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The bell rang just as I got to my locker. Late yet again. I grabbed my Physics book and went back to the office to sign in, knowing my mean teacher wouldn't do it for me. I waited patiently in line with the rest of the 20 students late and finally made it to the front.

"Ah, Ms. Campell, not a shocker" I rolled my eyes at the detention teacher.

"Yeah I know, just give me my pass so I can go" He handed me the note and I walked away heading to class. I climbed up the 2 flights of stairs and was out of breath, lord knows I hate doing this every other day. I walked into the classroom and gave the teacher my note.

"Find a seat and take out your notebook" Mr. Rean said writing on the white board. I sighed and sat next to Tyrek, this boy I used to have a crush on but quickly vanished since most of school did as well. Besides that, he had a girlfriend and I felt like he would never go for somebody of my size.

"Hey sis, you aiight?" He asked as I sat down.

"Yeah, just a rough morning that's...

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_blxck_ _blxck_ Aug 10, 2017
Girl I like em all but yuhsss them chocolates ❤️❤️❤️
QueenofKings101 QueenofKings101 4 days ago
I like  Carmel sometimes when even went Hispanic on they asses
leeah-ray leeah-ray Oct 18, 2016
poeticjustice100 poeticjustice100 Aug 17, 2016
Bitch I don't discriminate🍦🍫🍫 they just got to have a Shlonging 🍆cause we don't do shrimpy's 🙅🍤 over here 😭😭😭
IsaMarie97 IsaMarie97 Sep 03, 2016
Chile I gotta go down some stairs to go upstairs to the fourth floor then up a next flight to get to the fifth floor
shortty12 shortty12 Aug 18, 2016
I don't discriminate either y'all but these lights skins been throwing them selves at me n I be like well where the dark skins at?😕👀👀