Stuck In Naruto!!

Stuck In Naruto!!

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FlowerNerdRainbow By FlowerNerdRainbow Updated Sep 21, 2014

Xiana Clearwater is a 13 year old girl with red hair and blue eyes. Her mother is a model while her father owns many restaurants around the world, which makes the Clearwater family rich.

Her mother and father never are around and don't really care for her.

What happens when she suddenly gets transported into the Naruto world? Will she want to leave? Or stay forever...

crystal500- crystal500- May 19
I'm am angel b i t c h! This damn world just won't let me go home. And cutting myself is the only way i can cope with it.
crystal500- crystal500- May 19
I'm rich bitch. You wanna go to that restaurant with yo' family? Guess what. You're banned.
                              (i do know about the whole not caring parents stuff)
grrrrrr!!!! I'll sue them,I'll sue them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
                              how could they do that to her????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              i am so angry now!!!!!
MinRizume MinRizume Jul 19
                              Her hair style reminds me of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"...
Ikr. I wish there were only 3 days of the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday
crystal500- crystal500- May 19
How can you fall in love with him. It's called infatuation. Not love.
                              Either that or you're machochist.
                                                        (wrong spelling?)