Stuck In Naruto!!

Stuck In Naruto!!

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FlowerNerdRainbow By FlowerNerdRainbow Updated Sep 21, 2014

Xiana Clearwater is a 13 year old girl with red hair and blue eyes. Her mother is a model while her father owns many restaurants around the world, which makes the Clearwater family rich.

Her mother and father never are around and don't really care for her.

What happens when she suddenly gets transported into the Naruto world? Will she want to leave? Or stay forever...

Everytime I get bullied at school I just start cursing in French,Greek,Italian,Spanish,Dutch,German,Swedish,or Russian(I've been to a bunch of places and took a LOT of classes)
Mysti10 Mysti10 Nov 18
Oh wow! I like  how it's invisible! It really brings out her eyes! (I'm kidding btw I'm not mad this is a joke...pls don't kill me)
Okay, I like how mentally strong she is.I don't care if she's a fictional character, if I ever have a daughter I'm naming her Xiana.
kia_luh kia_luh Aug 13
I will make one punch man come into this story and kill  you
Abbylamma Abbylamma Apr 08
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrr
NoTamers NoTamers Jul 22
My brother and I have a condition
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