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Sparrow's Sister: Immortality

Sparrow's Sister: Immortality

24K Reads 770 Votes 21 Part Story
DesertQueen88 By DesertQueen88 Completed

They say once you have been crewed by the damned you'll forever be damned. But that's not the truth for Lorena Sparrow, Captain of the Flying Dutchman she yearns for land. Yearns to see her brother again and possibly her long lost lover Will Turner. Lorena finds a way to stay on land instead of once every 10 years an ancient amulet made by the witches themselves. Once she finds the amulet she seeks out to find her brother in London as the two reunite as one they both have a course to set sail for the Fountain of Youth so Jack Sparrow could find a way to be with his sister forever.

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