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Squishy Barakat By RaisedByMusicc Completed

Yes, I am very aware that some chapters are not available to the public. I have tried to get it changed many times, but because of the content wattpad refuses my request. You either need to be following me to read them or read them somewhere else. There are copies on Mibba, Tumblr, PTV Fanfiction, SWS Fanfiction, and I believe it is still up on quotev. It's annoying, I know, but I am unable to change it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


I didn't know why I was doing it. Maybe I just wanted something new and more exciting in my life. Or maybe I was just horny. I wasn't entirely  sure. I stood in my room holding a sheet of paper that had a number on it for a prostitution agency that was given to me a couple of years ago by an old friend. To be honest, I felt nervous about doing it. I've never used slept prostitute before. At first I was thinking I could get a cheap one off the street, but I thought about all of the STDs that I could get. So even though the method was more expensive, it w...

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ThatEmoBitch2017 ThatEmoBitch2017 Sep 20, 2017
Yes, I found you from Tumblr...
                              I might've been searching kellic smut...
Peachycat3 Peachycat3 Apr 22, 2017
Was I the only one that was disappointed when he pulled out the condom?!? 😹😅
username_r_stupid username_r_stupid Dec 16, 2017
Wait a little honey you're not going to say it wasn't that bad when you're gonna feel vic's d*ick rip off your ass
my99by my99by Jun 06, 2017
"Fast Coming." That has got to be the best name for a prostitution service ever.
-felonysteve -felonysteve Dec 04, 2016
Literally thanks to stuff like this whenever someone asks me to pass them a pair of scissors I kinda die a little inside
anyfink anyfink Nov 25, 2016
LMFAO wow that will so turn me on during sex..
                              After intense kissing,moaning,and all that..
                              "Did you know your a bottom?"
                              Pushes guy,walks out.