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The Star in Our Faults

The Star in Our Faults

1M Reads 23.8K Votes 31 Part Story
Eleanor Moretti By thefandomsreturned Completed

When Hazel's beloved boyfriend (Augustus Waters) dies, she thinks life as she knows it is over. But when she goes to the hospital and discovers that she is pregnant, it is the best thing that ever happened to her...or the worst.

To the two most recent comments- I know you're talking about what your parents might do, but... Gus...
percabethzammie46 percabethzammie46 5 days ago
Oh no Gus's killer has come to finish the job!!!😱😵😫🤧😭😂
But doesn't Hazel take medications? Getting pregnant while on certain pills can do harm to the mother, child or both
tararobin tararobin Mar 20, 2016
I read the real book and it was awesome and I have watched the Movie I loved it.........😊☺☺😇☺😊☺😇😇☺😀☺😇
GalaxyHeartThief GalaxyHeartThief Oct 23, 2016
Wow... I have to get up at that time to go to school. Rude. 😑
Zahra-Naqvi Zahra-Naqvi Feb 14
Thanks author, for causing my eyeliner to drip down my face.