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She's My Best Friend and I Love Her (girlxgirl)

She's My Best Friend and I Love Her (girlxgirl)

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5ammmmmm By xXpeaceXx Completed

Mali is BI and is in love with her best friend Ziva who is straight but she knows Malis feelings. Mali has Been starving herself and when things go bad Ziva is there to help her and comfort her. And when the unimaginable happens. Mali is soon back on her feet and with special help from Ziva. They soon form a relationship but no one knows they are scared and deep in the closet except for Izzy who knows there little secret. Can it last or will there relationship end as well as their friendship.

I can relate to you so much. It hurts because I know that either way it can hurt your relationship, if I can confess and she doesn't feel the same way, it will be forever awkward. When I confess and she feels the same, we still can't because of...personal issues.
I can relate to this book so much 😔 Except for the "coming out" part.
I'm just reading this, sitting here going, "hey, I'm like that with my friend. I have these same thoughts! The author is reading my mind!"
Every girl in my class has seen each other naked. Because some of us are forced to share the same cubicle for taking a bath after our Gym class (swimming)
Hey do u mind reading my story and giving me feedback that would be great
*sigh* I still am... I've never told anyone but now, whenever they ask if I still like the person, I deny it. Which kills me