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Dakota, Forever

Dakota, Forever

316 Reads 8 Votes 4 Part Story
Hayley Louise By hayleylou Updated Apr 14, 2011

Two year's ago Riley Kallen was just an everyday teenage girl not in her wildest dreams would she have thought that in a few short months she would be a world-wide pop sensation. She had the best friends a girl could ask for, the perfect boyfriend, Which she loved to pieces. But not all is what it seems. What lengths would you go to if everything that you held near and dear to you was slowing being ripped away, What If you held a secret so big that threatened not only you but the people around you. A secret so big, it could bring down the very foundations, Where you stand this very second?

spikkelchicken spikkelchicken Apr 05, 2011
Hi there! as promised I am reading your work!  I like this story so far. there are a few minor errors here and there - just re-edit  - you know!  But I am already very curious as o why she is so reluctant to return to her hometown!  Cheerio!
Lolitajohnson Lolitajohnson Feb 04, 2011
You need to upload Asap... Luvin it already.!! Really like you style of writing
hayleylou hayleylou Feb 02, 2011
@j-wizzle119 thanks, I know I didnt actually go through and edit it but I will. so thanks and its going to be a longer story. 
                              @Norahush Thanks i'm glad you do I will be uploading soon :)