L'araignée et la Mouche (Widowmaker x Fem! Reader)

L'araignée et la Mouche (Widowmaker x Fem! Reader)

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GayAsheTrash By SectorSSage Updated Aug 02, 2019

(Reader is a female)

What if you had been captured by those who hurt you the most? You were forced to work alongside those bringing anger, despair, and sorrow among the average citizens. Being torn away from your friends you had fought with to try and bring peace back for the Omnics and humans. In the public eye you were criticized, cursed at, or shunned. The largest terrorist organization dragged you in to fight for them, and you despised every lasting second of it. Though, when you got your first and possibly only chance to turn away, to be freed from the evil beings holding you captive, something kept you back. Someone who you just could not bare to turn your back on, even though you knew they could and most likely would betray you when they first got the chance to, but would you let her keep you from being free again?

(This story follows the Overwatch timeline and focuses on the lore as well as the reader x Widowmaker relationship.)

Title translation: The Spider and The Fly