Finding the Rift (The Traveling Rifts Trilogy: Book One)

Finding the Rift (The Traveling Rifts Trilogy: Book One)

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"If you were looking for... answers to something, and this random stranger approached you, saying he knew where to find them... would you follow him?"


Aris lost her memory as a sixteen-year-old. 

Aris's parents lost all their memories of her at the same time. 

Aris can travel through "entrances" to other worlds. 

Needless to say, life is not normal for Aris. It gets even more hectic when she goes on an excursion to one of these worlds and meets a young man with the bone-white skin and guyliner. He claims to know the answers to all her questions. He offers Aris a partnership.

Aris takes said partnership. 

[NOTE:: The second book is called "Truths in a Rift." Third book is called "Saving the Rifts."]


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Y'all, I just prayed not too long ago that the Lord would lead me to books that are either Faith based or non-offensive to his holiness. And look at what I stumbled upon! Incredible, yes?
Isn't swearing just a more sophisticated way of expressing someone's feelings in many situations?
So ur saying that if you say " GOD is my rock. " It's a sin? Sry don't believe that my God would be that picky.
microwheels microwheels Sep 12
Thank you for having standards and asking others to respect them.  For what it's worth, I appreciate it.
JennyDilling JennyDilling Mar 18, 2016
I love how you approach your writing. It's beautiful, and well thought out story. Great read and thanks for being a writer. I myself have been hoping to carry out a story of my own. It's been in development for many many years.