Tyra, a young aspiring Lawyer has a hidden past and wants to have her mate by her side, and move on. Hunter rejects her. Then, realising the mistake he's made, tries to put it right as she leads him on a rollar coaster, dragging the whole pack along for the ride.
I was good and different, you jumped right in with the reason for her upset and rejection of one's mate is painful.  Wolves who reject their mates usually feel the pain as well.  so good he felt bad and he has a slut puppy (human) at his side which his family dislike. wow boy he is smart.
This is really good! :) I wonder who they were talking about- who has her number?
I love it so far and I love the cover. Wolves are my favorite :)
This story has potential and i'll have to read the rest later, but the grammar mistakes kinda kill the plot for me. Not hating, just saying. Aside from that, it looks good; the multiple POV's will give the reader's imagination a few pictures of the same scene to choose from.
@Lovely143. Aww thanks! Yehh I realised, epilogue instead of prologue :L haha
I really like this story a little tiny mistake but I love it you deserve more comments(:  poor Tyra!