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For centuries, the windspeakers have been the mediators between the heavens and humankind, devoting their lives to maintaining the connection between the Sky and her people. 

Aren Diallo, the Sovereign Son of Kentro, wants nothing to do with the windspeakers or their life of secrecy within the Tower. But when the opportunity to join their creed means a chance to avenge the deaths of his parents, he will abandon the throne to hunt the man responsible. In his search for revenge, Aren quickly discovers that nothing inside the Tower is what it seems. Cryptic messages and hidden passageways lead him into the middle of a dangerous story of romance and murder, where his choices will decide the ending. 

As the untold story of the windspeakers comes to light, a new and treacherous path awaits Aren, with strange alliances and shifting loyalties at every turn. There is more than just revenge at stake as Aren races against time to uncover the truth and defeat his shady opponent, or else be doomed to share his parents' tragic fate.



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{ Beautiful cover art by @EndlessHeights }

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