I only want you -One Direction ZIALL fanfic [boyxboy]

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Melissa By 1Dinfectionox Updated 3 years ago
Niall loves Zayn. Zayn loves Niall. But neither of the pair know. What will happen when Zayn annouces on live TV that he is gay? Will Niall admit his feelings or will he continue hiding them?
That is why it's called fanfiction darling, it is fictional stories (a story that is un real) written by fans, don't like it, don't comment.
@ZaynMalikFutureWife It's called a 'fanfic' for a reason sweetheart
@ZaynMalikFutureWife lol if your so disgusted why did u even look at this keep ur nasty comments to urself
I personally LOVE fanfics about the boys! I think they're sooooo adorable and if they were gay in real life that's be amazing!!! But they're not really gay so I'll leave it to my imagination :D oh and fanfics of course! Looks like a great story!
@ZaynMalikFutureWife That;s how I felt at first. And, they aren't gay, and when I first found a fnfic about t=some of le guys being gay, I was also disgusted. BUT. Most of them are freaking hilarious and make me laugh my head off. But, I have read one that made me cry. :P
oh my :O
                                    A ZIALL FANFIC :O
                                    can my young-fangirling potato heart handle so much smexiness?