Naruto's Twin Sister (Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete Book 1) (EDIT MODE ON XD)

Naruto's Twin Sister (Naruto Fanfiction) (Complete Book 1) (EDIT MODE ON XD)

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❣ By NaRuto26 Completed

Naruto Fanfiction. Book One. Part One.

A beautiful and determined girl named Rinn appeared in the.... Naruto World! 

She's your normal Naruto lover, a Narutard. Appearing in an amazingly animated and totally different world where her favorite anime characters are is literally a dream come true!! 

But what do you think will happen if she did appear in the Naruto World.... But also with a totally different appearance!?

To be specific, she's looking like Naruto!

She has no idea how her weird-but-awesome life will go on with her favorite anime characters, especially as Naruto's clone! Or more like a girl version of him!! 

See what happens in the story....

The story of her new life.

(A/N: Warning!! The first chapter of this story is very veeeeery long! It's about 30,000+ words!! I'm very sorry for that and also for grammatical errors and the weird plot! This was my very first story and I didn't know how Wattpad works before! That's why I accidentally made the first chapter soooo long!! I apologize for that T___T BTW I'm trying my best to edit and fix it!! Thanks for reading! Muah! ^__^)

(A/N AGAIN: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO AND THE PICTURES IN THE BOOK COVER!! But I'm the one who edited it ^__^ AND OH!! The anime character in my book cover isn't mine as well! But her new personalities or whatever in the story are mine ^___^V THANKSS!)

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I knew what the comment's all about from seeing the 88 comments, I'm guessing it's the two statements XD
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Walking-without-a-care-in-the-world would be Kakashi, lol ;)
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You just ate the secret ingredient of the secret ingredient soup
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Sleep with him? Live with him? 
                              YANDERE ALERT! YANDERE ALERT!