The Warrior Alpha Female

The Warrior Alpha Female

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They say she is a devil who crawled her  way out of hell,they call her monster but he only believes what he see and for him she is an angel in disguise
"What do you think you are doing assassin ?"Alexandra calmly asked as she leaned against the opened window crossing her arms and blocking the only way out trapping him in her office

The assassin grinned "Stealing the Alpha female and putting my finger print in the books of history "

The lethal female chuckled as her eyes glowed in the darkened making it the only thing visible in the room "well sorry mate,but that is not going to happen"
Alexandra, the last warrior alpha female alive, is called a monster by many ever since the pack of rouges she slaughtered 

But what happens when she finally find her mate, stealing the documents that could destroy her pack from her office in the middle of the night?

Now that the full moon is coming she needs to make him fall in love with her and quickly... 

Time is ticking, enemies are luring in the corner and wars are itching to sink it's claws.. 

Will she finally find happiness ?or... 

They say that only time will tell

But no Alex is not going to wait for time or whatever, she is taking matters in her own hands and she is never letting go of both her mate and the war before she wins them all
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