What have we become? (A Carlisle Cullen Love Story)

What have we become? (A Carlisle Cullen Love Story)

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When Edward and Bella tell Carlisle about their baby, he starts thinking about his past. He had met a woman when he was younger who is half human half vampire (immortal) that he fell in love with and had intended to marry, but a fight between them ended their engagement, now years later in his situation he should contact her, but he refuses because he doesn't want to see her, being in love with her still. Esme has died during the fight with Newborns so what's holding him back. What happens when Tavia shows up on his door step to warn him that the Vulturi plan on killing his family?


All the normal characters from the books/movies

original character:

name: Tavie Deluca (thanks to xsiriuslypadfoot)

age: 500 years old

species: half human/hallf vampire (immortal)

hair: black

eyes: golden

love interest : Carlisle (was engaged to him at one point, and then they broke up, its a bit complicated read the story to find out)

portrayed by: Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary)

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MrsSierraPotter MrsSierraPotter Nov 19, 2017
If you are a half human/vampire doesn’t that make you a hybrid, not an immortal???
xdean-o xdean-o Aug 21, 2016
How does he know that she's still alive if he hasn't contacted her
Carla_Meyer Carla_Meyer Mar 28, 2012
I am not a great fan of a twilight-remix. I am not sure whether I'll like this or not, as I LOVE how the story is.
                              But I am intrigued to find out what happens next...