Direction-Ninjas - One Direction Fan Fiction

Direction-Ninjas - One Direction Fan Fiction

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Catalina By CatalinaaxoFics Updated May 22, 2013

Two girls, Frankie and Kat. They work for a secret organisation. They've been undercover spies for more than four years. They're the top of their rank. So what's stopping them from becoming the best ninjas out there? 

A new assignment. 
One involving a certain british boy band called One Direction. 

When Zayn's girlfriend Alice tries to murder the band one night after a concert, the boys find out Alice isn't all she's made out to be. She's a spy too. The bad kind. And she'll do anything to get rid of those boys. Frankie and Kat are now stuck protecting One Direction from a terrible fate. 

However, trying to protect a boy band may not be so easy as originally thought. They have to pretend to be girlfriends of two of our favourite 1D boys, and somehow find themselves getting closer to them than they'd ever wanted to. While tensions wear thin on the ninjas, they somehow get too close to the boys, secrets about the ninjas' hidden pasts spill over. 

And THAT was the last thing they needed. 
Let’s see how that works out for these two Direction-Ninjas...

(Still bad at descriptions... You get my drift...)

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WaltDisney413 WaltDisney413 Jun 22, 2013
can u inbox me what you were going to do with the story and how it ends since your not doing it anymore 
                              i dont know how to inbox you xox
shanelleshim shanelleshim Jun 08, 2013
Dude  I laughed at the first line I love something to do with kickstand girls it shows how girls can be just as good at things that men can
Simply_Alone Simply_Alone May 22, 2013
This is great it's very original so different than anything else I've seen. I really like it.
arsyn_ arsyn_ Mar 31, 2013
Coooime ooonn!!! I love this storyyyyyy!!!! I made my whole generation read ihh and that aint a lie!! Plzzz.. Update sooonnn!!!!!
Floatsum Floatsum Jun 19, 2012
@CatalinaaRadice It's sooooo good!!! Haha, I love it! You, my friend, are an awesome writer *-*
Floatsum Floatsum Jun 19, 2012
Woah, saw My name and came runnin'!!! Any story with a Steph is a good story ;D